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Subject:  Re: Milestone on the way to FI Date:  7/21/2007  1:03 AM
Author:  whyohwhyoh Number:  4278 of 5224

and i transferred over to zecco, for 1 simple reason, free trading,

- I predict Zecco will be bought out by a larger discount broker that charges commissions within 3 years. Zecco is most likely trying to build up a large client list to sell at a later date. Just my off the wall thoughts from past experiences.

- I prefer to select a broker that is both low cost and has a good probability of being around when I retire. All the paperwork involved and future changing tax laws etc... it just makes it easier to have all your contributions, trades, etc. with one broker. JMHO.

- Personally I only own about 10-15 stocks at a time, make about 10 trades a year at the most, so $10 commission per trade is low enough for me.

- This notion of pulling money tax free out of your Roth IRA is dangerous for a FIRE Wannabee. Once removed, you cannot reinsert the funds later. Money should only be removed under dire circumstances.

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