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Subject:  Re: Anyone home? EXCEL data extraction? Date:  8/15/2007  9:31 PM
Author:  FLARAM Number:  250 of 263

I have been using SIPro and Motley Fool for several years and never noticed this board. Maybe I can add to some of the answers to a couple of questions if they haven’t already been answered.

There are several questions about extracting data from SI Pro to EXCEL. You can do this several different ways. The most obvious way is to create a custom view with the fields you want to extract, then use the extract data function which can give you the data you want in several different forms – Excel, CSV, Tab separated and other formats.

Another way is to pull the data directly out of the **.dbf tables, Keelix at "_ttp://"; as previously mentioned goes even further and gives you some PHP scripts for extracting the data directly from the SI Pro data and puts into a data base without even installing SI Pro. But that requires a significant software capability beyond the capabilities of most here on the board. I use a commercial software which allows me to extract the data each week and put it in a MySQL database. However at the present time I have to execute rather cumbersome but very powerful SQL Queries to get the data.

I haven’t actually used the program but have talked to a couple of people that love it and was told that the AAII staff use it a program called XLQ that costs $100 if you are an AAII member. This allows direct access from EXCEL.
The example their web site gives is =xlqAAII / xlqAAIIDescrip retrieves over 2800 data points from AAII Stock Investor Pro
e.g. =xlqAAII("msft", "GrossIncomeQ_X",1) will display the quarterly gross income for the latest available quarter.
Additionally you can access Yahoo or IB real time and Yahoo historical quotes from within the same spread sheet.

They also state: All XLQ formulae may also be used via a COM interface from any program or programming language supporting COM. Examples are provided for C++, C#, Visual Basic and Word.

I initially tried writing my own macro’s in EXCEL to retrieve the SI Pro data using Queries, I was able to get many but not all of the tables.

There is a forum on the AAII website, and you might find more active interest there.

The AAII dropped their form during 2003, during the downturn a lot of people dropped their subscription and they laid of staff and stopped supporting the form, I’m sure it didn’t help that some people had critiqued the AAII for their support on the site.

Rharmelink said

Right now, I have SQL statements working, which require you knowing physically which database you're getting the data from.

We may be going down the same path, I have started writing a user interface to select the fields from a menu which will eventually be linked to a SI Pro help menu.

Mathetes said anybody who uses SQL knows what he or she is doing Well I’m using SQL and I’m not sure I know what I’m doing. I just decided I had to jump in, buy a few books and try.

I am defiantly interested in keeping in touch with others working with SI Pro data although as I said my programming skill are limited but improving.

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