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Subject:  Re: Advice on finding a good realtor Date:  8/16/2007  6:34 PM
Author:  SeeFoolRun Number:  90187 of 137404

I'd use that questionnaire as a guide for you to interview the realtors, but I don't know that the responses you get will be of any value. They're all just going to tell you how you will be their #1 client & they'll get the most $ for you, & they have the best contacts, & they'll get the most traffic to your home, & they'll sell it the fastest, etc.

You won't really know until you get them into your house & hear what they have to say.

It's nice to start with recommendations from other people in the area that you know. Ask them specifically what they liked & disliked about that agent.

Personally, I don't like the agents who claim they are the top earners in their office - I get the feeling they aren't going to spend much time with me. I also judge how they are when I'm interviewing them - do they seem like they're rushing or their mind is on their next appointment? Does their cell ring non-stop? If so, do they interrupt your meeting to talk with other clients for anything more than a quick "I'll call you right back in 20 min" type deal?

I like to get their recommendations on what to do to the house to get the best price or quickest sale. If they don't seem interested in taking time to point out all the little things, I'm not interested. I also like to compare the styles of what they suggest. Every one has been different & I the one whose suggestions seemed like they made the most sense scored extra points with me. I'm interested in the market analysis too. If they don't use very similar houses as comps, it's a big turn off. Some have come back with CMAs using houses that were much nicer than mine only or a little too far away & I felt they were trying to blow smoke at me - trying to get me to think the house was really worth more than it was (to justify saying "I'll get you $X") which would only set me up for disappointment later on.

Last, I like to ask what they're going to do to get buyers to see the home. In reality, they're all going to do pretty much the same things as far as listings & an open house, but it's good if they have some ideas of things that are "above & beyond" compared to what the others say they'll do.

Start by interviewing 3-5 that friends recommend & go from there.
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