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Subject:  Re: If HE is discouraged..... Date:  10/7/2007  12:50 PM
Author:  FoolNBlue Number:  4415 of 5088

I say it's absolutely possible with discipline. (Doubt you'll earn $100K/yr in a location that has houses in a nice part of town for $45K though). I entered the workforce full time at age 23 and may possibly retire at 38 if the stars align properly. If I wished to downscale my lifestyle, I could virtually retire now. I have enough assets today to pay off my house and bring in enough (at 4%) to pay my insurance, minor home maintenance, taxes and food. Now I'm continuing to work and save so I can better maintain my house, fund my healthcare, a vehicle, and have fun in retirement. Technically, typing this, I maybe I am FI already?

In your situation, you have a pension and significantly more assets than I started with at 23 and likely a higher initial earning potential than what I earned leaving college (my income rapidly increased during the first 5 years of my career but the rate of increase has slowed... I