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Subject:  Re: If HE is discouraged..... Date:  10/7/2007  12:56 PM
Author:  wolverine307 Number:  4416 of 5245

I'm confused. It sounds like you have a job opportunity in Louisiana, but you're thinking of locating to your home town in MI? Would the wages in Louisiana be $100K a year? Is there opportunity in MI for work making $100K/year? I noticed on Google Maps, if I'm looking at the right place, that your hometown is just north of Flint, MI which I keep hearing on the news is a depressed area
Those figures include everybody, including the helper guys who just tape cars for painting.

The hourly rate is misleading. The job may pay you $16/hr, but if you can do a four-hour job in three, it gives you an hour to work on Job #2. A good tech can turn out over 100 billable hours a week in 40 clock hours. That is where the money is made.

Certain tasks (like frame) pay more since there is no text book to tell the insurance guy exactly how much to pay. It's largely a function of judgement and skill. If you can negotiate a 10 hour payent from the insurance company and do it in four, then that's more money in your pocket.

Also, mechanical/electrical work pays a higher rate per hour than body work. Hence, if you can straighten out the car's electronics, you get paid more per hour.

Before I came to this school, I did my research back home. The shops steal each other's techs, even in a high unemployment place like MI. I discovered that a good body man will NEVER lack for work, even in MI.

Yes, Bay City is about 45 mins north of Flint.
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