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Subject:  Re: Isn't that illegal? It should be . . . Date:  10/8/2007  1:26 PM
Author:  Springtex Number:  34048 of 56837

<<<The presence of the designated hitter is what trumps that argument. The rest of the batters are too busy to study video during a game.>--S.T.

I don't see this as an issue. There are lots of position players who will come in and look at some video when they come in from the field too. Others don't want to be bothered as they feel it can distract them from their normal routines. The video may help a player, but it is can also give them information overload. Anyone who has ever played golf can attest to the many difficulties associated with thinking too much about all the elements of your swing while you are on the course.--gurd

Once again, what I'm objecting to is not the use of video in general, but the use of video to try and analyze a specific home plate umpire during a specific game. You gloss over that distinction in your comments.

As an aside, I would have no problem with using the video after the game is over to send to the league office as evidence that the umpire is incompetent and/or corrupt.

As for your golf comparison, there is no umpire in golf.

There are listening devices that would enable teams to hear what is said in the opposition's dugout or during visits to the mound. I suppose that will be the next technical advance in game strategy.

/s/ S.T.
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