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Subject:  Re: New law needed for 401k Date:  10/8/2007  2:50 PM
Author:  2old4bs Number:  59503 of 88063

IRAs were available then, too. And we did start ours in our 20s.

Now you're jumping to several different arguments. Your original statement that I responded to was specifically about 401Ks being available 30 years ago to every 25 year old.

As for IRA's being available, of course they were, but the contribution limitation was low $1500 IIRC, and the investment choices were limited (mostly CDs). (And just for the record, I started mine in my 20s also.)

As for non-tax-deferred accounts, such as brokerage accounts, keep in mind there were no 'on-line' or 'discount' brokers 25 years ago. One would probably have been better off putting the money in a 1% savings account, at least that way the broker wouldn't have milked you for whatever remained in your account after his losses on the investments. '-)

Or, one could have purchased CDs.

For the truly worried about retirement, there were public jobs with pensions - teaching, state and Federal employment.

Even in today's information-rich environment, do you currently know many 25 year olds who are "truly worried about retirement"? Most of the ones I know have just graduated college and are still sponging off their parents.

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