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Subject:  Re: B&H vs. Sharebuilder Date:  10/10/2007  6:42 PM
Author:  TomPastore001 Number:  4944 of 4958

Buy and Hold is a slightly more FLEXIBLE deal than Share builder with regards to the timing issues of buying and selling. In Fact, you can also get free real time trades (almost) on the 15 dollar a month plan - as long as the ONLY real times you trade are within minutes or seconds of the "Trading Window".

You have to work a bit outside of the box but you can achieve a pretty close approximation to the control you would have by trading with any other broker - again within the time limits set by THEM.

Overall I had a ROTTEN experience with Buy and Hold. Their customer service is lousy. Their web site is beyond worthless AND hard to figure out...and hasn't changed by the way for over FIVE years. They have absolutely no tools of any use whatsoever for the individual investor. They keep bankers hours - this one kills me - an online broker who doesnt have someone to talk to you around the clock....I do believe this is MY money you guys are playing with...

At first glance they appear to be a good way for an incremental small fry to amass 10 or 20 thousand dollars in the