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Subject:  EDU's Product? Date:  10/13/2007  6:40 PM
Author:  OuijaBoardPicks Number:  15 of 23

I'm a little confused about what EDU provides. My first impression was that it was an overall business education, but various posts keep referring to language skills. I hope that EDU is into business management education - China needs it! I recently read an article about business education in China. College students tend to pick artsy classes and arrive at the workplace unprepared. Chinese businesses expect students to arrive fully prepared and provide no education to the people they hire. Someone needs to train these youngsters, I hope it's EDU.

Back in MAO's day China was all about meeting quotas, or at least appearing to have met the quota, to avoid being executed. Now they need to catch onto quality control. Consumers don't want toxic toys or a DVD player that destroys your disk. I'm a big fan of commuting by motor scooter and did some research on Italian vs Japanese vs Taiwanese vs Chinese products. The Chinese scooters are as cute as other brands, and much less