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Subject:  Re: Far Away Date:  10/25/2007  9:38 AM
Author:  mrparrotfez Number:  379 of 400

>>I've got good friends from Cottonwood Falls. That's good country.<<

The region is prone to a certain amount of begrudgery on its worse days, but that is balanced by a basic taciturn goodwill.

Last time we were back, we went to a ranch rodeo at the local arena. Now, I don't look at all like I fit in. Very few Chase Countians have beards that hang down their chests, and few of those have purple Washington t-shirts and weird necklaces. Chase is pure cowboy country, just about, with farming less prevalent than the rest of the state. But since I wasn't nervous (why should I be, when both my folks grew up here?) they weren't suspicious, and we had some good commiseration about the relative fates of UW and K-State that early fall.

It's one of those places that the uninitiated urbanite takes one look at and thinks, omigawd, 'these are the toughest-looking rednecks I have ever seen, get me out of here.' The person more at ease in the world simply says 'howdy' and goes about life, and finds a pretty friendly place. Of course, it helps if you like beef.
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