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Subject:  Re: Eating out cheaper than cooking? Date:  10/28/2007  11:42 AM
Author:  Gingko100 Number:  1154 of 1845

If I can eat off the dollar menu at McDonald's (or Wendy's) twice a day:

3 items @ $1 each X 2 twice a day = $6/day

$6 X 30 days/month = $180

Less than the $300/month I'd spend on groceries.

I spend about $160 a month on groceries...I couldn't eat that cheaply at McD'sby your own calculations.

AND...the dollar menu? Mc'Ds? That food is crap. It's high fat...few vegies, and generally kind of bad. My food is tasty, healthy, and satisfying. Last night I had risotto with homemade chicken stock, pumpkin and sage from my own garden, and sauted apples for dessert. Tonight I'm having a Greek dish of garbanzos and rice alongside shredded mustard greens. Risotto sounds fancy, but it's peasant food. The chicken stock costs me less than $5 for several quarts of it. The rice is bought in bulk. I bought one large Hubbard Squash which is cheap per pound this time of year. I use my pricy ingredints (like true parmesean) sparingly.

Plus, it's relaxing to cook, and makes the whole house smell good. Mc'D's can't do that.
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