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Subject:  Asset allocations Date:  10/29/2007  4:33 PM
Author:  101PFDR Number:  59913 of 88775

Hello all, I was hoping to reap some of the wealth of knowledge available on this board.

In order to understand the questions I have first let me tell you a little about myself. I am 26 years old, and have been enlisted in the Army for several years. I am planning on staying in the remaining 13 years and receiving a retirement pension. In my investment planning portfolio, I consider my retirement pay the equivalent of a bond investment in terms of stability and reliability.

As of date, I am putting away $500 a month towards a taxable account dealing primarily (though not exclusively) in large-cap value (ala BMW method). This account is used as a semi-liquid account for large purchases such as cars and down payments on real-estate properties which we intend to hold onto and manage with each new PCS move. As well as a second tier security blanket (We have a short term security account ala Dave Ramsey)

I’m also currently allocating $100 a month into VFINZ into my IRA. I am due for a promotion soon and wish to increase my IRA deposits, now this is where my questions begin.

1. Since I am dealing with mostly American Blue Chip stocks in my taxable account, should I continue to maintain an investment into the S&P 500 in my IRA?

2. I am very risk tolerant due to my future pension. Should I consider International Stocks and Emerging markets? Should I consider investing my entire IRA accounts in foreign mutual funds? And if so, I would appreciate any recommendations as to which ones.

3. In regards to 2, the Emerging market funds have had an extraordinary year to date, should I take the plunge now or wait until the market slows (I know it is next to impossible to time the market). After the initial opening minimum is paid, I will be dollar cost averaging.

4. Finally, I have been investing with Vanguard and have had a comfortable experience with them, should I diversify my IRA’s outside of this company or does it really matter whom I go through (as long as the returns and fees are acceptable).

Thank You in Advance,
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