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Subject:  Re: why am i so popular all of a sudden? Date:  10/30/2007  2:33 PM
Author:  kahunacfa Number:  45600 of 49409

about<sic> <Correct is About> six months ago i<sic, Correct = "I"> got a call from someone in the "executive search team" of a major company in my field. last<sic, Correct = Last> week i<sic, Correct = I> got an email from another such team in another such company. <sic, Correct is Today> and today i<sic, Correct=I> got a second email from yet a third company. never<sic, Correct=Never> have i<sic, Correct=I> been approached before except by people who knew me personally.

i<sic> can't think of anything that has happened recently to trigger such a downpour. does<sic, Correct=Does> anyone know how these things work? did i<sic> get on some kind of a list? is<sic> it just coincidence? is<sic> there some new theory of recruiting that is revolutionizing how these teams do their jobs? any<sic> other ideas?
- crre | Date: 10/30/2007 1:28:10 PM | Number: 45599

Point One: You need to have someone else carefully review all of your written job search communication materials, pay more attention yourself, or do everything by telephone.

Point Two: Contact by Headhunters is a random event, unless you seek them out yourself.

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