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Stocks U / Ultra Dow 30 Proshares


Subject:  Ultra Dow 30 Proshares Advice Date:  11/1/2007  8:48 PM
Author:  shannonatlanta Number:  2 of 3

I have read a few things recently on Ultra Dow 30 Proshares that is making me lean towards making this the backbone of my IRA (20-25 year to retirement) and was wondering if anyone has some insight that i may have overlooked.

I keep reading that it is set up through leverage to double the DOW whe n the DOW is up, and to lose double when the DOW is down.

Even though this is riskier than a DJIA mutual fund, isn't the risk pretty negligable since I am 20-25 years from retirement?

If anyone can steer me to more research that may help I would appreciate it.

My goal is to put about $3,000 EVERY January into the Ultra 30 -or, the same amount into a Rule Maker company (PG, AIG, NIKE, YUM, American Express)- and then the rest of the year choose a stock from the Stock Advisor every two months, making sure I spread out the Stock Advisor picks across diverse industries that appeal to me: environment, healthcare, natural resources, technology, and metals.

Does this approach sound solid? I am new at this but would like to earn about 17% return per year over the next 20-25 years.

Any ideas, criticisms, etc?????


Shannon "the Cannon"

"Go Dawgs!!!!"
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