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Subject:  Fraud on Credit Report Date:  11/11/2007  10:01 PM
Author:  MargaretHoulihan Number:  263902 of 312161

Hi board, long time lurker, first time caller.

I just found out that there is an item on my credit report (with all three agencies) stating that I had an account sent to collections. I had no such account. It's with DirecTV related to a service address in Sacramento (where I do not live).

18 months ago, two charges appeared on my bank statement that were not mine. I called the companies, they investigated and credited me the money. It was clear that someone had used my name (although misspelled) and bank account number. I closed that bank account and opened another (with the same bank).

I assume that the DirecTV account is related, but perhaps not. They state that they sent me notification in 6/07 (to the Sacramento address where I do not live) and that it showed up on my credit report on 9/07. I need to get it taken off asap.

I called DirecTV fraud and they said they will investigate, send me a letter in two weeks, and contact the credit reporting agencies to have the item removed if appropriate. Great, right? Almost.

I'm trying to buy a home and need my sterling credit rating back. Now. My mortgage broker told me to go ahead and write to the credit reporting agencies to dispute the item and not just wait for DirecTV to act.

So, this is likely the dumbest question in the world, but what do I say in the letter? I've tried searching this forum (and a few other online message boards) to no avail. Something like:

Hi, I'm Margaret. I don't have DirecTV, I did not enter into any contract with DirecTV. Please take this horrid thing off my credit report. If you do, I'll invite you to my birthday party. Thanks.

Perhaps something more professional would be better. Does anyone know of sort of standard language that one uses in this situation?

Also, don't hold back. This isn't all going to be over in two to three weeks, is it? Any idea how long it will be before it comes off my report?

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