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Subject:  Check out some new-to-you boards Date:  11/24/2007  7:12 PM
Author:  TMFSelena Number:  978 of 986

As I've been doing every now and then, I'm once again shining a spotlight here on a few boards. They're below, and they're simply a few from the long lists you'll find linked to in the "Announcements" box to the right.

If any of the following are of some interest, I invite you to pop in and, ideally, post a message. Some sleepy boards may spring to life if one or more people start some conversations. You never know who has their eye on any given board, waiting for someone to say something. Or at least mark some new boards of interest as "Favorite" boards -- by clicking on the red heart icon. That way, if someone posts on them later, you'll notice.


Dance Lessons:

Ballroom Dancing:

Music & Musicians:

Classical Music and Musicians:

Guitar Players:


Karaoke Nation:

I Survived the '80s:

Rock 'n' Roll:

The Beatles:


Foolish Musicians:

Help with this Stupid Spouse:

Mothers and Daughters:

Infertility/Fertility Issues:


Parents and Expecting Parents:

Parenting Teens and Young Adults:

Parents of an Only Child:

Adoption (kids, not technology):


Mr. Mom Fools:

Family Fool:

Single Parents:

Cute Kid Stories:

Aging and Infirm Parents:

Taking Care of Parents:

Choosing Not To Have Kids:



Stay at Home Moms and Dads:

Parents of Autistic Children:

Parents of Gifted Kids:

Social Security Reform: