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Subject:  Re: Such a Mess I've Made... Date:  12/6/2007  7:34 PM
Author:  nomoreplastic Number:  264879 of 312155

Thank you everyone for your responses! Although it is painful for me to hear, I'm really thankful to hear all of the advice and I really do need to hear it all. As some of you know, when you're in this much of a mess, you can't really 'talk' to anyone about it, so I am grateful to be able to get the feedback from all of you.

I'm going through things again as well as your posts to get a more thorough accounting of things. It will take me a day to digest all of this, but I'm more motivated than ever. Keep those comments/suggestions coming, PLEASE!!

I have a few things that I think can be sold asap for up to $1000. Will get on that today.

I'll also look into the car situation and see what can be done with selling my car (the one with $12K left). The other one has 8 payments left; and it's a Honda, so I'd like to try to hold on to it if possible.

I will think seriously on the job situation and try to find a better solution or a second job. I will also get rid of the massed produced end of my business asap.

Will also see about a family loan for helping in getting current. We are expecting a bit of overtime/holiday pay in the next couple of checks as well that may help out.

My FICO score is in the dumper, 580. I would think a HELOC would be out of the question. I did look into it several months ago, but decided against it as I really want to get a handle on this without a total bailout. I want to pay my debts and learn to budget and live properly. I was afraid if I got a HELOC I'd ultimately make things worse. Probably not the smartest move.

Will get the numbrs together and post again shortly.

Thank you so very much again!
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