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Subject:  Re: Such a Mess I've Made... Date:  12/8/2007  2:43 AM
Author:  nomoreplastic Number:  264937 of 310732

Wow! I've just finished reading and wow! Such an interesting discussion! (I never considered myself this interesting - but again, wow!)

Okay, first off, yes, this is mine and DH's problem, not the kids. We neither want nor expect them to lend us their money, although we will ask DD14 (who is quite capable) to help with some of the ebay stuff and give her a percentage of the sales.

For the record, what we have asked of DD16 is to get a part time job for spending money (She DID get a job yesterday, and starts next week - yea for her!) This particular kid is a very busy one. She takes college classes (many online, right now just one), now works, teaches piano (a small bit of income), and travels (in the US). She just got back from a 6 week trip with a family acting company. She had a few problems staying within in her budget, some things