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Subject:  Re: IRA understanding Date:  12/10/2007  11:43 AM
Author:  TMFPMarti Number:  97156 of 127747

A Roth contribution is always better than a nondeductible traditional contribution. It's one of the few no brainers in our simplified tax law.

I agree unless you are retired like me and your income is all from pensions.

In which case you can't make either, so the Roth preference is moot.

One of my pensions is taxed but that's not good enough for the IRS. It shouldn't matter. Income is income.

Well, first my standard advice when you don't like something in the law. Write your members of Congress.

Now for why I disagree with you. The purpose of tax-advantaged retirement accounts is to encourage people to save for retirement. Once you're actually retired, there's no longer that need, except for people who don't really need all their incoming cash and would like to get yet another tax benefit. I don't buy it from a policy standpoint. Enough is enough.

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