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Subject:  Re: IRA understanding Date:  12/10/2007  3:32 PM
Author:  TMFPMarti Number:  97158 of 124496

Forgive me.


I thought the name of this board was Tax Strategies, not Tax Strategies Before Retirement. I didn't know there was an age beyond which a person has no right to try (within the rules) to save money on taxes. (I was given a disability retirement from the fire department in 2001 at age 50; not a typical retirement age).

One of the problems with moving directly into snit mode is that you stop paying attention to what's being said and race off reading all sorts of things into it that aren't being said. I in no way even implied that you have no right to try, within the rules, to save money on taxes. I even told you the one way you can try to do it in your given scenario.

I mentioned the Roth because I had opened one a few months ago and then realized I had failed to read closely enough the IRS rules for contributions that said I was ineligible. I immediately called and closed