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Subject:  Pay off business debt w/credit card Date:  12/12/2007  9:00 AM
Author:  secondharvest Number:  265060 of 312155

In the hopes of moving credit card debit to a lower interest rate card, I applied for a Bank of America card offered through National Federation of Independent Business. 0% interest for 1 year. My plan was to transfer $10,000 from a Visa card with 11.21% interest. The remaining balance on the Visa card would be $1,800 which I would focus on paying off as quickly as possible. I also have a Blue American Express Card at 4.99% and balance of $5,499.00.

Now I’m considering another idea and wondering if this is better. I’m going out of business and owe my landlord back rent, maintenance and possibly some portion of property taxes. I owe him approximately $3,396.00. As of this date he has not charged me any interest or penalties and has been wonderful. I’m not to sure how long that’s going to last. He could take me to court, although that has not been brought up. We have not discussed a repayment plan either. A cash advance on my card also has 0% interest. Is it worth going further into credit card debit to pay him off and be done with it?

I’m going to be working at home and while my overhead will be almost 0 I have no way to determine what my income will be on a consistent basis. (I’m married and we live off his income so whatever I make is extra.) I am struggling to pay the minimum payments as it is since both cards are due within days of each other.

What are your thoughts, wise fools.
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