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Subject:  The Court of Public Opinion Date:  12/17/2007  3:14 AM
Author:  rinjr715 Number:  619 of 621

Now that the Mitchell Report has emerged from its hole, I think I can safely predict that there will be a lot more than 6 more weeks of BS concerning the issue of steroids and HGH and other PED (performance enhancing drugs) in baseball.

86 guys used PED? ONLY 86 guys? I'll raise BS flag #1 on this one. We have only 86 names because Mitchell could only get 2 rogue trainers and a handful of players to fess up. We all know that if Fehr hadn't been so successful in getting players to stonewall and refuse to talk to Mitchell that there would have been hundreds of names, perhaps many hundreds, not 86. Not to say that many hundreds of guys were major long term users, but hundreds of guys did use PED. Guaranteed.

Andy Pettitte only used HGH for 2 days? BS flag #2 goes up here. He's trying to save his reputation by quasi-fessing up, but if it ever comes up in a case in a court of law, and that McNamee dude has to testify, I'll guaran-damn-tee you he doesn't say Pettitte only used the stuff for 2 days.

Roger Clemens's legal beagle says he didn't use PED? Come on, don't insult our intelligence here. You don't do as well as he has at the advanced age he has in an era when there are so many other users without being a serious user yourself, and the only reason his recent performance is finally going to hell is that everybody knows who his source is and they have big penalties for positive tests for 'roids now, so he no longer has access to his full arsenal of PED. Guaranteed the Rocket was a serious long term user, and still uses what he can get away with using, or he wouldn't still be around. BS flag #3 is flying high.

Now we come to BS flag #4, and this one is flying high and proud, above them all. A-Rod has the gall to tell Katie Couric he never used any PED? Not a CHANCE he was telling the truth on that one, I'll guaran-damn-tee you that. Come on, he has over 500 homers at only age 32 and has plenty of other ass kicking offensive numbers, all in an era in which many other players, including pitchers, used PED, and he spent years apiece playing for two teams that are notorious for all their drug users, and he was a teammate of at least two major guys who used one of the two trainers from whom Mitchell got most of his information, and he expects us to believe he's been clean his entire career? MLB will bend over backwards into a pretzel to avoid having to supend him in order to keep him clean for HR record purposes, but he's no cleaner than Roger Clemens, and if everybody Mitchell wanted to talk to had talked and had told him the whole truth, his name would have appeared in that report for certain.

Now it's about at this point that the legalistic types among us will say none of these guys have been convicted in a court of law and nobody has proven they are users of PED. Spare us all the moralizing, please. We all know that courts of law are most emphatically NOT the only courts that matter, and that the court of public opinion often matters a hell of a lot more than courts of law do. These guys I have discussed and many, many more are all guilty as hell in the court of public opinion, and even if they are never convicted of a crime and their names are left out of a hole-filled report authored by a former senator who himself was notorious for playing fast and loose with the truth, they will suffer in terms of respect and money and Hall of Fame votes just as surely as if they had been convicted and reported upon. If we're all still here in 20 years, come back to the board and admit that I've been proven right. Because I will be.
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