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Subject:  Re: Hey, Art. NASA picture of day for you. Date:  12/17/2007  10:52 PM
Author:  ariechert Number:  10611 of 117003

But they don't. Nobody has ever reported it. It keeps you up nights, grinding off molar enamel because you know what I say is true: Nobody who has ever come back has read the signs. They just feel good about their little trip, is all. - pelotas

I used pelotas because the motely food accepts it and rejects the other, and since they both mean the same thing I figured it wouldn't matter to you. They are synonyms. It had nothing to do with name calling and everything to do with the MF filter.

Still no answer about the parallels and corroboration between near death experiences and the holographic universe. Dr. Kenneth Ring has a chapter about it in his book Life At Death and Dr. Melvin Morse devotes several pages to it in his book Where God Lives. I could give you a list of numerous people with PhD & MD degrees who believe life after death is worth investigating.

By the way, Science is a method not a position. Science is not a religion with a set doctrine. It's a way of investigating and finding out truth. Nothing is set in stone. This Universe is dodgy from it's largest to it's smallest parts. There is an article in the Phi Beta Kappa journal, A New Theory of the Universe, The American Scholar By Robert Lanza.

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