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Subject:  Moving along with baby steps Date:  12/22/2007  5:40 PM
Author:  nomoreplastic Number:  265563 of 312137

Just wanted to put up a quick update as to our progress.

Decided to try using Mvelopes to help with the budgeting. I sure love that program! I've got it all powered up and having everything right in front of me in real time is invaluable. I even got DH to sit down with me and go over the situation, which was no small feat. I think he is really beginning to understand in realtime. I've come to find out that he's pretty much given up on the problems being solved, which is part of his apathy. I think seeing everything in one place and doing the envelope funding online with me somehow clicked in his head. We're going to give it a 200% effort together. We've been tracking every penny spent and we're working on a spending plan that makes sense.

We've sold a few things and made a bit of OT to keep up with the bills for December and kept the holidays under control. I have also secured a loan to use as a balance transfer as well as for cathcing up on anything else that's behind from a family member, the amount will be determined by what our needs are, right now I'm thinking around $6000. We will not be able to do this until Jan 1, so we're just marking time until then.

I negotiated a payment plan with the mortgage bank, so we are okay until then. I can pay that plan over 6 months, or catch up in Jan; I'm planning on catching up all at once in January.

We will also pay down the largest CCs to a point where we will not incur over limit fees every month (a big part of the problem). Then we'll start trying to get more income to put towards paying it off with a snowball.

I will still be looking for extra income, unfortunately I've spent more time taking care of my mom than usual since she's not doing real well, as well as time driving DD16 to new job.

I informed my employer that I would no longer tolerate my paychecks being late; they have agreed to a direct deposit system. We'll see what happens in January.

I cancelled several features on our cell phones (savings $30/month), downgraded the satellite (savings $15/month), downgraded house phone (savings $20/month). DD16 will start paying her portion of cell phones ($20/month). So we're starting to make progress there. I would like to cancel the house phone altogether, but DH needs a landline for work. Will continue to make cuts where possible on telecom, starting to look at the other utilites. Baby steps.

Oh, and the best thing - DD16 was awarded $1000 scholarship for expenses for a certificate program she is stating in February. Already got the check! Her total out of pocket costs for program will be about $90, which she has already earned!

Thanks to all on this board for your inspiration and encouragement. I hope that this will be the time that I beat this 21 year old debt/money management problems. I read everything here and feel like success is finally within my reach.

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