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Subject:  Re: Annual Update Date:  1/2/2008  3:41 AM
Author:  NevadaGolfer Number:  4537 of 5089

2007 results:

My only debt continues to be a 30yr fixed mortgage at 5.75%. I may buy a new car sometime since my current car is now 11 years old. Ideally I'd get a 0% finance rate but if necessary I'll just sell stock in my taxable account and pay cash.

Value of taxable and retirement accounts up 17.87% on the year. Unfortunately this was balanced by my home value declining by roughly 20% during the year. In 2004 at the peak of Las Vegas home values my net worth was about 75% home equity and 25% stocks/mutual funds. At the end of 2007 my net worth is nearly the same as 2004, but now home equity is only 40% while stocks/mutual funds make up 60%.

Investment gains were 10.50% with the remainder of the 17.87% account growth coming from new deposits by saving about 25% of my gross income during the year.

The best of 2007 was having BRK.B and XOM as my two largest holdings entering the year and holding them both throughout the year. These two stocks now represent roughly 30% and 15% of my portfolio respectively.

The worst of 2007 was holding AMD and WM entering the year and selling them only in Oct/Nov. I also did a bad thing in selling MO stock which I'd held for many years just before the Kraft spin-off. The proceeds from this sale were eventually invested in an international fund near the peak of the fund's price for the year. I'd have been much better off just continuing to hold MO.

Stupid or genius moves for 2008 will include selling 2/3 of my BRK stake tomorrow and buying some DUK, LTD, JNJ, GE, and CGMFX. My Roth will be funded tomorrow from the proceeds of one of the BRK.B shares.

Current stock and mutual fund holdings entering 2008 in order of largest to smallest holdings are