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Subject:  Re: helping my mom retire Date:  1/28/2008  7:27 PM
Author:  scientista Number:  1219 of 1845

Thanks Paul, Telegraph, and Doug, for your kind responses.

I will certainly look into the ex-spouse benefit, as I'm fairly sure Mom will not get remarried and she was married to my Dad for about 12 years I think.
I hadn't thought of food stamps or Section 8 but she will probably qualify for both and those will help when things get rough.

To Doug: Mom's drinking is another aspect of her life she refuses to discuss and finds insulting if anyone is concerned. However, I've always considered her an alcoholic. She also suffers from depression but has never sought treatment. In her eyes, she's sad and she drinks because her life sucks, not the other way around. And of course, her life sucks because people are mean to her and she has bad luck (not because she makes poor choices).

Posting this was very hard for me because I'm ashamed that I have such negative feelings toward my own mother. We all ought to respect and revere our parents, not be disgusted by them. I feel sad when I think about her life. She is a very intelligent and lovable woman when she chooses to be. I sometimes feel she has just given up on life.

I will try my best not to worry about her future and just keep planning for my own so I don't end up in her place.

Thanks so much for the responses and I hope you all have nice children who don't badmouth you on online bulletin boards ;)
Now, I'm back to work paying off debts!

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