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Subject:  Re: tax rebates Date:  2/1/2008  3:52 PM
Author:  ResNullius Number:  12424 of 20632

AM: "All his money won't suffice for a good heart and generosity of spirit towards others who have less."

I wasn't going to respond to any of this, but I decided otherwise. First, most of the Repubs I know give large amounts of money to charity, while most of the Dems I know simply bitch and moan about how mean spirited Repubs are. Second, and far more important, the less fortunate in this country need a better job, not a handout from the government. Higher taxes means a weaker economy. This has been proven time and again, both here and in Europe. Giving a few hundred dollars to someone who is poor means nothing, nothing at all over the long haul. Increasing the chances for a poor person to get a better job means everything, both now and in the future. The Dems like to enslave people to govenment handouts. The Repubs like to empower people to better themselves. If giving $600 to folks who don't pay taxes really is all that important, then the government should give it to them every month, year after year, which is what I guess the Dems really want to do. Personally, I would rather live next door to someone who works hard and takes care of his friends, rather than live next door to someone who wants to take what I've earned and give it to whomever happens to bitch and moan the loudest.
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