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Subject:  Re: Tax Question on Fractional Shares Date:  2/3/2008  1:05 PM
Author:  quitman100 Number:  98256 of 127549

Ok, here is a little more information and what I think I should report for taxes.

The $23.15 was for 0.809 shares of Spectra which would imply a per share price of 28.62 (which looks about right given what Spectra closed at in January).

I first purchased a $500 block of Duke shares on March 31, 2005 (17.8169 shares for $28.0632 per share).

So using the 58.11 and 41.89 % figures recommended by Duke, the basis for that block would be:

$290.55 New Duke Energy Tax Basis
$209.45 Spectra Energy Tax Basis

The spinoff distribution was 0.5 meaning the 17.8169 shares would generate 8.90845 shares of Spectra. So, the Spectra Energy Tax Basis (per share) would be:

Since I received a check for 0.809 shares, the fractional share basis would be $23.51*0.809 or $19.02.

So, in sum, I would report to the IRS:

Date acquired: March 31, 2005
Cost Basis: $19.02
Date sold: January 2, 2008
Sale Proceeds: $23.15

Capital gain would be $4.13

Does this seem like the right approach?

More important, I still hold Duke and Spectra stock (I do Drip the Duke stock). Will this calculation (which is first in first out) lock me into a particular method for determining the basis when I eventually sell my Duke and Spectra stock in the future (i.e., will the IRS say that since I used the first in first out method, I have to use that when I sell my main holdings later?)

Thanks for all the help!
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