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Subject:  Re: New puter Date:  2/27/2008  1:27 AM
Author:  TMFSkiii Number:  630 of 650

Hey Josh, good to hear from you again. Yah, that Antec P182 is nice looking, and was the other case I was deciding between. A couple of my friends have it or the models just like it and they are real happy with it. The case I picked isn't a SFF, but it is smaller than a mid-tower, kind of a mini-tower I guess. I actually ordered it just yesterday before any of my parts so I can take a look at how things will fit.

I hear ya on the quad-core, but rather than pick between higher clock speed and more cores, I opted to go with both: a 3GHz quad-core. It's a little stupid pricey, but my current rig is almost 4 years old and the cpu is a part I don't upgrade much (ok, well I did once on this machine).

I actually have a colossal tuniq tower heatsink now and have had no issues moving the puter around, it is secured pretty well to the mobo. The thermalright has even more heatpipes, and between that and the cool running penryn core cpu, things should be running right chilly - I'll probably overclock it some too, it's begging for it.

The zalman 750 power supply does have modular cables, that is something I have really grown to like. Although I have heard folks question the smarts of having extra connectors for the higher current power supplies. I think 750 is a good size though, my current ps is 620 and I don't want to have to upgrade it in the next 3 years. Heck, I bet the new 9000 series from Nvidia arriving soon will have some whacky high power demands.

Cool to hear you are good too with Vista x64, that seems to be the sentiment here. You thinking about 8GB ram at all? It's so cheap now it seems a good idea to just go for it.
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