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Subject:  Re: Moving Expenses Date:  3/1/2008  5:00 PM
Author:  TMFPMarti Number:  99167 of 127611

I am relocating from Detroit to Atlanta this summer for a change of jobs. I have been reading up on the moving deduction expense and I have some questions for you out there:

I know that I can't deduct expenses for a pre-move house hunting trip but I am planning on renting and driving a truck down to Atlanta in April in advance of the move. Can I deduct any of the following:

Rental truck costs
Gas/mileage costs

Yes to both. Keep track of your actual expenses. When a friend moved this way the actual expense was a lot more than the mileage.

Return flight costs

See discussion at the end.

Storage costs

You are limited to the cost incurred within 30 consecutive calendar days.

Also when I make the move my wife and I will both be changing jobs. We are going to both need to drive our current cars down there. Can we deduct the mileage for the trip for both cars? Does this still apply if we move at separate times (she moves June 1, I move July 1)?

You can deduct the cost of both cars.

I'm not sure about your flight home. This situation isn't covered in IRS Publication 521. (All the other questions are.) Maybe one of the pros has some insight.

A general concept is that the expenses must be "reasonable." My initial reaction to the truck/plane/car plan was "Why not tow the car when you move?" Then I went back and looked at your timetable and found myself totally befuddled. You're clearing out the house in April, but not moving (completely) until July. Aside from the nondeductible storage costs you're going to incur, it makes me wonder where you're going to live from April to July. It starts to look to someone without your insight like you're trying to deduct at least the travel part of a househunting trip.

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