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Subject:  Re: Changing cars (or not)? Date:  3/7/2008  5:54 PM
Author:  llambe Number:  269214 of 312185

now is not the time to be BT surfing if you don't absolutely have to. If you have the choice of locking in at a slightly higher rate, vs. a time-limited BT at a lower rate, take the locked in rate, unless you are sure you can pay the BT off before the expiration.

I don't know if this changes what I would do in DM's case though. Because if in a few months, she decides she wants to sell the 2nd car and get a new(er) one, she doesn't have too if she can't find a good offer. The CC is paid off so there's no higher rate. Plus there's decent arguments for her keeping her cars anyway so if she doesn't get a good offer than she just waits longer to buy the next car. Her DH will theoretically get a bonus next year or DM will and they can buy the car then so there's no real downside to waiting IMO. Yes she could be saving money with a better gas mileage car but that's not a sure thing (depends on all the calculations, amount spent on the car, how much is actually saved etc). A longer wait just allows more time to be sure its worth it especially since it sounds like theres really only 1 car DM would like to get rid of (DH's) (au pair's car sounds like its neutral, DM car is keep).

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