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Personal Finances / Credit Cards and Consumer Debt


Subject:  Attn: KK from SuzeOrman & Anyone who can help Date:  3/13/2008  4:46 PM
Author:  raetsu Number:  269451 of 312138


Going to post my feedback to both your questions here. First of all, let's consider where you are each month:

Net Pay: 1600.00
Mortgage: 1343.65
Furniture: 15.00 (from your previous post)
Credit Card: 15.00 (I am assuming your min payment here)
"Other": 600.00
Balance: -373.65

So you are living in the NEGATIVE to the tune of $4483.80 cents PER YEAR. It seems to me that rather than being concerned about getting your credit score up to the 700s by the end of this year (WHY do you want to do this exactly? Not that it's a bad thing, but what's your reason for it right now), you should be trying to get out of the hole that you are digging yourself further into. Please don't take offense to anything I am saying. I am not trying to make you feel bad or look down on you. I am just concerned that you still don't seem to realise exactly what situation you are in......

You asked for my budget so here it is:
March 2008

Mortgage 7th $1,343.65
Car 3rd $190.00
My Savings 5th $-
United Con Fin 3rd $82.33
Water 10th $26.83
Tmobile 2th $402.08 (Usally $81)
NES (lights) 15th $241.56 (Usally $134)
Nationwide (car)11th $65.55
ADS 15th $24.95
Trash 7th $17.00
TDS(phone,cable)7th $156.12
Gas for Car 30th $100.00
Citifinancial 30th $15.00
Marc (Med Bill) 28th $25.00
Tithes 30th $-
Capital One 20th $150.00 (CC usally $50)
Suntrust 30th $50.00 (was scamed off of $2000)
Hair $-
Medical Bills 30th $50.00
Total $2,940

I am currently working on getting one good paying job ($35K+) or two okay paying jobs($8-$15hr).

I want to include my credit score(509-598) by 200 points because if I have a "Big Goal" I will have to set little goals like fixing my income level or decresing expenses. A larger goal helps me create the steps to do solve the underline problems. It's a mental thing. I always achieve my goals but somethings I don't know where to start.

I thought about selling my house, but I live in one of those neighborhood with over 100 foreclosures plus another 60 or 80 homes for sale. Two of my next door neighbors are saling and two of the three homes behind me are for sale too.

I know with all the resumes and applications I have out I will be getting a job soon. I just don't want to make the same mistakes that I did in the past. What I start today will be the begin of my forever. I want to retirement with money in the bank not debt on my plate.

I am only 27. Can you help me? Don't worry about my feeling just be honous.
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