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Subject:  Re: Attn: KK from SuzeOrman & Anyone who can hel Date:  3/13/2008  10:46 PM
Author:  raetsu Number:  269496 of 312185

I'm a bit confused - why is your cell phone bill so high this time (T-Mobile)? Also, why do you need a cell phone and a land line?

-I have a family plan with my partner and my step father. We went over our mins last month. My partner has no job (but is looking) and likes to watch tv. The cable is in with the land line. I also need it for the security system. I live in great neighborhood but things have been happening lately.

And what happened to make your light bill higher?

-Its 3 of us living in my 4 bedroom house. ( I am the only one working. I know everyone not having a job is a problem; trying to fix it. May kick everyone else out:)

Also, as Nancy said, what are you spending on food, entertainment, clothes?
-Clothes $0 I have a lot from my $56K a yr days...
-Food $50 plus $173 food stamps I started getting two weeks ago
-Entertainment $20 plus the cable bill (No partying for me)

One thing that is highly recommended when trying to get a hold of your finances is to record everything that you spend for 30 days (if you buy a stick of gum, you write it down).

I am a great budgeter. I did this financal record thing about two years ago I will try it again.

Thanks :)
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