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Subject:  Re: Attn: KK from SuzeOrman & Anyone who can hel Date:  3/13/2008  11:02 PM
Author:  raetsu Number:  269497 of 312185

What is ADS?
-Home Security

And your cable bill. Why is that so high? Can you cut back on cable? Do you need it when you're bleeding?
-It is a bundle plan with the phone
-I dont my partner do I have when without it before
PS partner not working...but is looking

Do you have heat? What kind?
-My heat is in my electric that is NES

Could you take in a roommate to help with some of the bills?
-I have try having roommates and or getting roommate its always ended BAD

I gather you live by yourself?
-Its 3 of us I am the only one working...I know I know I am stupid. I ask I nag what is a girl to do. I told them I am going to kick people out

No pets?
-No pets

Do you buy gifts for people?
- No gifts jsut my time

Are property taxes bundled in with your mortgage?
-Taxes and insurance is bundles to my mortgage

Is that what you had been spending on gas, or is that what you're currently spending?
-Gas is about $100 a month sometimes less if I don't to Nashville but one or twice

What do you do for food? Household items like toothpaste or paper towels?
-Food is $20 plus $173 in food stamps I started getting two weeks ago
-Household things ?? I think around $15 to $25 a month

Could you list your credit cards separately, with the rates and the amount owed? That will help.

-Bill Interest Rate Total Balance Due
CaptialOne 21% $91.68
United Fin Con 0% $736.34
CitiFin 22% $8,524.33
Student Loan 6% $43,266.00

Are you currently working, or do you have extra income? (You indicated that you were hoping to get a job, so I wondered where the income stream came from).

-I am a tax preparer I make about $20K-$25K


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