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Subject:  Re: Unemotional Inv Date:  3/31/2008  9:28 AM
Author:  rwde Number:  40833 of 40850

In The Unemotional Investor, Robert Sheard recommended using the Unemotional Value and the Unemotional Growth systems. He wrote the book in 1998. Where can I find a table which would show how his two systems would have done from 1998 to 2007 inclusive.

Things have evolved tremendously since Sheard developed those two screens. He has long since gone his own way, but a vibrant community of investors have continued his legacy.

They started, I believe, over on AOL, then came to the internet proper as the Foolish Workshop here at TMF.

The FW developed more, and more effective, screens as time went on. It was closely affiliated with the Foolish Four, a Dow dividend-based investing method that used a similar data-driven quantitative investing style, with a heavy relia