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Subject:  Re: Introducing The Jester Capital Date:  3/31/2008  5:52 PM
Author:  Tastylunch Number:  15 of 16

Hey Dan

I had some more thoughts/suggestions about the Jester Cap now that it's had time to percolate through my cranial membranes.Hopefully they will be of some value to you

Seems to me the more I think about it that The Jester Cap can be both a new home page and a fanzine (which it sounds like is your main intent).

basically I think the Jester Capital should have a main page and at least 3 sub pages. Without the sub pages it won't feel much like a publication which is probably why I thought it was just kick-ass new CAPS home page when I first saw it.

Main Page- More or less what you have now with some minor tweaks. The cartoon is pretty funny/apropos but probably ought to be moved from the center of the page. The very sharp stark contrast of black and white lines in the artist's art style somewhat overpowers the rest of the page imho. I think it would also better off if it had a very light background and perhaps was drawn with a slightly lighter colored utensil.

If the jestercapital is really going to be a CAPS tab you'll probbaly need to tweak the color scheme (which is too bad since I like it) so it fits in with the rest of CAPS. You'll probably need to add some white negative space and maybe some yellow/orange hues.

Additionally if you decide to use my suggestion of sub pages you'll need a way to link to them off your main page, whether it be more tabs or direct links.

Page 1 Leaderboard/Caps Trends- on this page could basically be All-star movement highlights. You could keep track of the largest movers up and down in the upper echelons of CAPSdom as well as major trends in the allstar verse (e.g. maybe the top players all dogpiled into Bear Stearns week, Or Pureunderperform attract