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Subject:  Re: Withdrawal rates in retirement Date:  4/2/2008  4:37 PM
Author:  JAFO31 Number:  62110 of 88538


<<<Apart from WEB, can you name twenty-five other professional money managers that you would recommend to people, and who would be available for someone with say 50k balance and expected 12k year contribution?>>>

"Of course not."


"But I can probably name 25 people I've met throughout the past 5-10 years with college degrees who don't know what an index fund is and are keeping their money in cd's because they don't know what else to do with it."

Not much that can be done with those who remain willfully ignorant or behave like ostriches. I qualified my post with, "anyone who that is at all interested in learning." If someone does not care enough to learn, then he/she falls into the cliche about one can lead a horse to water but cannot make it drink.

"I wasn't saying that any or all professional money managers beat the returns of the indexes they try to beat by 1% or more"

I guess I misunderstood; my apologies.

" - I was saying that some people just have no clue what to do with their money that even if a money manager took their $, put it in an index fund for them, and kept an admittedly ridiculous 1% fee for doing so - that person would be better off than being on their own. I was making a comment about how ignorant many otherwise intelligent people are about investments, not praising the advisors."


Those who remain on these boards at TMF are, however, unlikely to fall into that category. Almost by definition, those who remain are interested in their finances and learning more.

Regards, JAFO
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