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Subject:  Re: Simplicity on Oprah Date:  4/20/2008  2:12 PM
Author:  XWordPhile Number:  2158 of 2173

I have to admit I've become very jaded and cynical about the whole simplicity and green movements. I've decided I don't care about future generations (hey, I don't have kids), so from now on it's all about me.

The ironic thing is, my "carbon footprint" (I hate that term) will always be far, far, far smaller than any of these "green" celebrities. And most of what's best for me is, merely coincidentally, also very simple and good for the environment.

Just for the record, in the winter I make my own coffee and bring it to work in an insulated cup (I like my own coffee far better than anyone else's). In the summer I bring ice tea in a large insulated jug (again, my tea is just superior).

(if you're interested in why I had this change of attitide: a while back someone on another forum I read pointed out an article in The Onion, titled "Please save the planet for my 5 children." We all got a chuckle out of that one, as we all believed that overpopulation is the biggest environmental threat to the planet. But, a couple months ago our local paper ran a story about two families trying to live more environmentally. One family had 5 children--so much for satire!--and the other had 3. The mother of the 3 said they did absolutely everything to lessen their environmental impact (except, apparently, use birth control), including saving water, since we do live in a desert and water is a precious resource. Why, she even saved the water that ran while the shower was heating up to use...I'm not making this refill their swimming pool. That's when I decided I'm not saving the planet for her kids. They're on their own.)
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