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Subject:  Re: More about the Hobbit movies Date:  5/6/2008  2:18 PM
Author:  FordLove Number:  475 of 480

So once again those fans are going to be disappointed when the movie focuses on Aragorn and Arwen's relationship to gain mass appeal.

From the appendix of LotR Aragorn is busy in those 60 years. He journies to far lands and helps Gondor in a war under an assumed name. He and Denathor do not get along at all during this period.

Bilbo, on the other hand, lives the life of a hobbit. It's a great life to live, he is comfy at home with friends visiting and he eats and drinks well. Every once in a while he pops off to Rivendale and has a visit there. It is a nice life, but a film about paint drying would be just as interesting.

Except for finding the ring, he just wasn't a force or a driver of events in middle earth for most of his life.

He's like a grandpa that you remember tending his garden and fly fishing. A great person to visit, but not a hero. It's not till after he passes that you go through his stuff and find all the medals from his service in the war that he was a hero.

Bilbo is like that, he had a brief time where he did great deeds, and while he stayed cabable of it, he spent most of his life eating 6 meals a day.

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