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Subject:  Re: Poll: Pay-by-pound passenger airline travel? Date:  5/27/2008  3:35 AM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  12601 of 116910

<< "Is the cost of enforcing a 5% to 18% cost difference implied by weight worth the cost of enforement:?"


I believe the current Administration would answer in the affirmative if the enforcement could be outsourced to Dick Cheney's Halliburton in a lucrative, no-bid contract.


These are really trivial issues compared with the need for our educated green elites to simply stay home and quit traveling about the world on jet airlines which consumer huge amounts of fuel.

My environmentalist friends have long carped and complained about families buying SUVs, while they use the SUVs of the sky to fly around the world for often trivial reasons. High oil prices have naturally solved the SUV problem, as high prices discourage SUV purchases and use. What we are discussing in this thread is that middle class travel about the world by air is on the brink of facing a similar reality check.

Environmentalists are very soon going to find themselves taking eco vacations close to home instead of in remote areas around the world. Soon they may be thinking globally, but they will be traveling locally for a change.

Whether this reform is advanced per per pound charges, charging per piece of luggage or simply raising ticket prices sharply to reflect higher fuel costs wont really make much difference.

Seattle Pioneer
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