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Subject:  Re: $5 Gas Date:  6/11/2008  12:47 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  13342 of 20632

<<It was only a year or so ago that my liberal relatives were complaining about how cheap food was, and how cheap food was contributing to obesity and such.

Cheap junk food. Call me when broccoli and milk are cheaper than chips and Coke. But you knew that...

These are examples of why I oppose liberals, environmentalists and Obama. In the end, they are profoundly against the interests and welfare of human beings, while proclaiming just the opposite of course.

This is an example of why I oppose neo-con conservatives and other right-wing nutjobs. They always rephrase an argument in the stupidest possible terms, and lie through their teeth about what it's supposed to mean. In the end, they are profoundly against the interests and welfare of human beings, and profoundly *for* the interests and welfare of corporations. If they weren't, they wouldn't have to lie so much.

Unfortunately, my liberal and environmentalist friends increasingly want to regulate and control what people are allowed to eat and do with their lives. That web of control gets ever more comprehensive as the years roll on.

Liberal wars against MacDonald's hamburgers and in favor of their preferred organic foods are both pointless stupid and profoundly patronizing, in my view. Just leave people alone.

I understand that you don't get this concept, but it's at the root of the misconceptions in your comments above.

Seattle Pioneer
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