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Subject:  Re: Poll: Have You Taken Action to Reduce Energy Date:  6/11/2008  3:41 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  13345 of 20640

This year I'm planning on about 20,000 miles of summer driving.

Might be the last summer with only $4 gas. So I need to get a bunch of traveling out of the way in the BUick which gets 29 mpg on the road.

Next summer, I'll probably be taking the Prius on the road trips at 45+ mpg. But I expect gas to be $5 or $6 or more next summer, so the overall price per mile will be a little bit less, but not much.

Otherwise, I putter around town about 100 miles a week when home, and that could be easily chopped by 50% if worse comes to worse, or if we have shortages that result in no gas for a week or two or three.....

On the energy side, I put in extra insulation in the roof last year and added even more weatherstripping on doors. R50 in the attic.

House is kept about 78 deg in the summer time inside. NOt going to change there. Unless electricity triples soon....then I'll look for ways to chop bill.

Same with pool pump. It has to run a motor $$$ might be 10-15% more efficient, but payback now is forever.

Same for refrig now 18 years old. When it dies it gets replaced. Biggest year round energy hog. But payback still 20 years to replace it.....when it dies, it gets replaced.

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