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Subject:  Re: $5 Gas Date:  6/11/2008  8:11 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  13353 of 20632

AM:"You forgot the part about kids jumping up and down and stepping on your feet, and lovers with their heads together so you can't see anything, and people with little babies that are crying at the top of their lungs, and people talking, and other people intent on telling their companion the entire plot of the film loud enough that their aunt in Walla Walla can hear them, and sticky gunk on the floor that your shoes stick to, and the tubercular person behind you coughing his/her lungs out, and the person next to you eating and drinking..munch, munch, munch...and the sound so loud you need to put cotton in your ears, and teenagers bouncing off the walls and yelling to each other across the theatre...and several idiots' cell phones ringing....

Other than that, movie theaters are great places to see a film. :)"

Didn't you forget the ear splitting volume, that would be loud enough if the theatre was 30 times as large? Designed to insure you can't think, and that everything vibrates with the 10,000 explosions that seem to be mandatory in every film these days, with at least 30 bodies flying through the air, and flames shooting everywhere burning up half the set by the time the film is done?

I can endure that at the cheapie movie theatre. $1 before six, $1.50 in the evenings. Half of that on Tuesdays. It might take six or 8 months for new movie to show up, but most do.

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