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Subject:  Re: Obama on payroll tax Date:  6/14/2008  1:52 PM
Author:  fleg9bo Number:  13418 of 19741

Kinda like it's fair that I pay school taxes when I have no (and never had, never will have) children in school?

That's a silly example since an educated populace is a societal necessity as much as roads and courts. I have no kids, either, but don't object to taxes for schools (except insofar as they're doing a crappy job). Educated kids go on to become good taxpayers, and the taxes they pay in the future will help keep us all afloat.

Don't even start with the sales tax. The poor pay a much higher percent of their income on sales tax than do the rich.

I didn't start with the sales tax--you did. The poor pay a much higher percent of their income for everything than do the rich. It's so unfair. Let's charge the rich more for car insurance and use the extra money to lower insurance for the poor. Let's charge the rich double for their corn flakes so others can have free corn flakes (the ones who aren't already getting food stamps). When you make the gov't the great equalizer, things can get out of hand. With all the travel you do, I suspect you're above average in income and assets. Be careful--there are people out there with less than you have and there are other people who want them to have your stuff in the name of fairness (those people are called liberals).

As far as eliminating the cap on SS, it won't do much good anyway:

Based on SSA's own projections, Heritage analysts found, however, that eliminating the cap on wages subject to the OASI payroll tax would generate only enough revenue to delay the date of the system's insolvency by a few years. Moreover, by 2035, the OASI program would have enough revenue on hand to pay only