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Subject:  Re: Obama on payroll tax Date:  6/14/2008  2:35 PM
Author:  cliff666 Number:  13420 of 20640

I can also address the rest of your diatribe.:

I suspect you're above average in income and assets. Be careful--there are people out there with less than you have and there are other people who want them to have your stuff in the name of fairness (those people are called liberals).

As far as eliminating the cap on SS, it won't do much good anyway:

You are correct that we are above average in income and assets. Time magazine used the expression "Merely rich" to describe people like us. We have no yachts, we live in a nice house in a modest neighborhood, and we drive inexpensive cars. Our newest vehicle is the 2001 Chevy instalation van we need for my wife's business*. Shoot, we don't even have an RV!

I will take my chances with the evil tax-and-spend liberals before I will with the eviler borrow-and-spend conservatives.

I do not consider the Heritage Foundation a good source of unbiased opinion, any more than I would the John Birch Society.

That said, they admit that the SS system is solvent for the next 16 years, even with the present structure. If the borrow-and-spend conservatives would stop looting the till, and let SS get a decent return on the bonds held, that would also change. I have heard some ===> True <=== conservatives suggest allowing people to invest the money in the stock market. Why not let OASI do that?

The question is not "How can we kill Social Security?" (Which seems to be the conservative position), but "How can we fix Social Security?" I have several thoughts, maybe you do, but I get the feeling that all you want is to kill it completely.

Removing the limit on income subject to the payroll tax will help. I advocate reducing benefits, especially at the higher end. <Gasp! What an evil liberal idea!> This would likely affect me, and you, and AM. SS was not originally intended to provide more than subsistence to the elderly poor.

Actually, I advocate stopping the charade that SS is somehow "different" from any other tax. The money is used in the general budget. Let's eliminate that smoke and mirrors issue, and just collect it from the general income tax. The only reason I hesitate to do that is that SS is one of the few taxes that big business can't avoid. They gotta pay their half of the payroll tax. Maybe that's why the conservative think tanks are trying so hard to kill SS. "Don't tax me! Tax the poor! Tax anybody but me!"

If you have any actual thoughts on the subject, let's hear them. Right wing spew is not "thoughts"

*That business provides a lot of freqwuent flyer miles we use in our travels. We charge a lot of our purchases on a airline-mile credit card.
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