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Subject:  Re: Obama on payroll tax Date:  6/14/2008  4:52 PM
Author:  fleg9bo Number:  13422 of 20018

I will take my chances with the evil tax-and-spend liberals before I will with the eviler borrow-and-spend conservatives.

You've got to get your terminology straight. Those were Republicans, not conservatives, who did the borrowing and spending. Real conservatives don't behave that way. BTW, I am neither a Republican nor a conservative as the word is used today.

If the borrow-and-spend conservatives would stop looting the till, and let SS get a decent return on the bonds held, that would also change.

SS holds no real bonds. The lockbox contains nothing but IOUs. All SS benefits are paid out of current tax collections. Right now collections run higher than benefits paid. The excess--which is supposed to be stashed away in the lockbox and