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Subject:  Re: Musings about grad school tuition and loans Date:  6/18/2008  11:37 PM
Author:  AcmeFool Number:  274292 of 312189

Sigh...still miserable deep down

Someone already linked you to a post I made about my transition. I can certainly answer any additional questions on that as you have them. But I want to focus here -- it was mentioned in my post, but this is a critical item.

Changing jobs is not a cure all by any means. Many of the problems you have now are likely to exist in any job. They might not be evident initially as there is a honeymoon period to everything in life. But as the honeymoon starts to fade away, our old issues creep back to the forefront.

I guess I have a few comments and questions. Some of them will be personal; feel free to ignore them if you like.

(1) Does your life have balance? What do you do other than your job? What are your hobbies? Wat do you do to unwind?

(2) Have you sought counseling? You may have some level of depression; only a professional could say for sure. If you are depressed, it might help to get on some medication and try to build back to a general level of happiness.

(3) You work with lawyers, a group that has a significantly higher rate of alcohol use/abuse than other professions. For some reason, I picture you drinking your misery away. It's not something you explicitly said and I could be completely off base -- if so, I am sorry and you should ignore me -- but I worry that you might be taking solace in the wrong places. Hopefully my spider-senses are wrong on this one.

Now, as for your career path... Do you need to get a masters to transition into teaching? That would be unusual these days. Most states have programs where professionals -- especially those in science and engineering -- can get into teaching without going back to school. These programs are often called Alternative Preparation Programs and they let people like you go straight into teaching while taking some classes on the side to earn their teaching certificate. That is what I am doing.

In my case, I pay nothing for the classes. As long as I teach a total of 5 years in this county, I will never pay for my certification classes. If I bail before this, I have to pay them back the cost of the classes.

If you have such a program available to you, it will significantly reduce your costs to transition into teaching. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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