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Subject:  Help! medicare costs more than regular insurance Date:  6/25/2008  12:12 PM
Author:  thedofca100 Number:  13533 of 20596

My husband is just becoming eligible for Medicare. We are both stunned to find how much more it will cost us to be covered under Medicare than it did when he was retired but paying for our insurance through his company.

I know that the company was picking up some of the expense but I thought Medicare was supposed to be cheaper in any case.

Here are the exact figures.

We paid $135 to be covered under PacificCare with the company for the years age 60 to 65 for my husband. That amount covered both of us. We could have taken Blue Cross/Blue Shield for $165 a month if you want to compare apples to apples.

Now my husband is starting Medicare.
Medicare Part A is free
Medicare Part B is $65/month although we were orginally told $95 so who knows.
Supplemental insurance which is Blue Cross/Blue Shield is $150/mo.
My insurance is $65 since I'm still under PacificCare.

Our monthly insurance cost just went from $135 to $280 and when I get to Medicare it will go up to $461. Also we now have huge deductibles with BC/BS of $250/$1500 per person.

I know that PacificCare was an HMO but it included Palo Alto Medical Foundation and UCSF so we were comfortable. To get them as an Advantage Plan it drops all our local hospitals and doctors and we have to drive a couple of towns away and they have very few specialists so that wasn't an option.

So in our retirement years we go from $135/month to $461/month with huge deductibles. This is Medicare? The medical insurance to protect the elderly?

What in the world does Medicare actually cover if we have to pay such a large fee to BC/BS? They are charging so much I feel as if Medicare A and B must cover nothing.

I am sure this has all been hashed out before on this board so if you can point me to the place I'd love to read it. I would also like to find out where I can get actual details as to what Medicare covers and what BC/BS will have to cover (after the $1500 deductible, of course).

Thanks for any explanation you can give me.
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