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Subject:  Re: Will the Whizzers Win? Date:  7/2/2008  10:45 PM
Author:  Daryll40 Number:  13036 of 116918

I agree that a 3rd party won't make it. I won't "throw my vote away" on Bob Barr because I know that's really a vote for Obama. But I understand how you feel....even if McCain wins, it's just a less in your face version of the same thing, economically.

Yes, the dollar collapse is the result of the overspending. Bush should have gone on TV on Sept 12 2001 and told us that every single federal expenditure would be cut buy 3% or 5% to fund the war on terror. The public would have backed him up. Instead he borrowed the money then did the big Medicare expansion to buy the 2004 election (seniors didn't vote for him any more than they would have anyway). And while I do think that Saddam had to go, WMDS or not, Bush should have gone on TV frequently to give progress updates. Never did that either. And the religious baggage is annoying. Belief in a higher power is all that a President should project. Because the real real real truth is that no one knows if that power is God, Allah, Jesus, the Moses guy or the Gardenbunny.

So now we have people ready to jump on the latest new kid in town, regardless of the fact that his religious baggage seems even worse than Bush's. His preacher for 20 years foments hate. His middle name and father are muslim. But since he's totally different than Bush he's the new kid in town!
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