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Subject:  Re: My Portfolio Evaluation Date:  7/4/2008  9:11 PM
Author:  Quillnpenn Number:  3 of 8



what do you know about CEF's (close-end Funds). I am lookin at MTR at 81.35.

Your 27,800 divide by 81.35 equals 341 shares times .69 cents equalling 235.38 per month times 12 equals 2,823.48 for the year. MTR is a US energy stock. let's look at what BPT pays per month even though it is a quarterly dividend.

at your age, I would be looking at getting a check every month for the rest of your life. Review some of the following that I receive a check every month from. CHI, CHY, DPD, DPO, EOE, PGP, RPF, RFL. I own 24 and half are FED Tax FREE and I get to keep and extra 2 to 3% that goes in my pocket and not in the Uncles (sam that is). Bill Gross the Billionaire and CEO the famous BOND KING of PIMCO owns 37 CEF's that are FED Tax FREE.

or if you don't like or under stand CEF's since they have been around since 1850 in england and 1896 in the US. GAM has been around since 1927, CET has been around since 1929 and the both are still ticking, perhaps a check every week for the rest of the with the following well known stocks.

Dividends every week of a quarter.

The following pays a dividend every week of the year.

KFT....Pays the first week of Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct

HNZ....Pays the second week of Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct

O......Pays the 15th (or third week ) of every month

GE.....Pays the fourth week of Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct

T......Pays the first week of Feb, May, Aug, Nov

UVV....Pays the second week of Feb, May, Aug, Nov

C......Pays the fourth week of Feb, May, Aug, Nov.

PNW....Pays the first week of Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec

HON....Pays the second week of Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec

BAC....Pays the fourth week of Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec

PEP....Pays the fifth week of Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec.

Just a thought,

Quillnpenn -
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